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This database lists many of the objects found along the Antonine Wall.
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  • Distance Slab, Second Legion, Bishopbriggs

    Cawder House
    AD 142 - 180
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM F.4
    H 63cm x W 93cm x D 17.5cm


    Inscription reads: "For the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, father of his country, the Second Augustan Legion [built this] over a distance of 3666 ½ paces"

    Found: In, or before, 1604

    RIB: 2186

    References: PUBL MACDONALD, G. 1934 PUBL COLLINGWOOD,R.G. and WRIGHT,R.P. 1965 PUBL KEPPIE, L.J.F. 1979