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Objects Database

This database lists many of the objects found along the Antonine Wall.
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  • Lamp

    Loudoun Hill
    AD 42 - 180
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM F.1944.1
    12cm long; 5.5cm high

    Pear-shaped, with circular footstand, fitted with chains for suspension; double-looped handle, surmounted by crescent-shaped ornament and three rings for the attachment of chains; separate (fourth) ring for linking chains at the point of hanging, survives. Footnote; for similar lamps, see folllowing; B.M. Guide to the Antiquities of Roman Britain, 1956, fig.20.4 (Colchester): PSAS, 1901, 400 (Camelon) and (for chains) ORL, 33, 1910, 53 (Stockstadt)

    References: PUBL ROBERTSON, A.S. 1953 extract DESCR ROBERTSON, A.S. 1960 p.3 PUBL St. JOSEPH, Dr J.K.S. 1952 pp.188-194 & 210
  • Lamp, Open, Oil ('crusie')

    142 - 180 AD
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM F.1936.273
    L 0.07m

    form: pointed lip, handle broken away

    fabric: soft, red clay

    N of North Ditch, Bar Hill Fort
    References: PUBL MACDONALD,G. and PARK, A. 1906 p.77, PUBL ROBERTSON, A., SCOTT, M. and KEPPIE, L. 1975 p.124.19, fig.44a.19
  • Lamp

    Mumrills Roman Fort
    140-165 AD
    Falkirk Museum
    L 4.3cm

    Here is a base sherd with part of the spout to a thin walled lamp in orange fabric with finger marks on the inside. Written on the inside is "MA7.67".