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Classical Art: The Legacy of the Ancients

Posted on: 22/01/2015

Lonely Torso, 1945, by William McCance


To coincide with ‘Roman Empire: Power and People’, The McManus is staging an exhibition of artworks with a taste of the Antique.


‘Classical Art: the Legacy of Ancients’ will illustrate the enduring influence of ancient Greek and Roman culture through paintings, sculpture and ceramics from Dundee’s nationally significant collection of fine art.


The Greeks were the greatest myth-makers of all time. Stories of gods, heroes and men were enacted in plays, depicted in paintings and individual characters sculpted in bronze.


Through ancient writers, particularly the Latin author Ovid, the myths have been handed down and have inspired artists for more than two thousand years.


The exhibition includes; a red-figure wine bowl dating to 450 BC, a nineteenth century bronze head of Dionysus, a watercolour titled ‘Lonely Torso’ by William McCance and Kate Whiteford’s ‘Votives and Libations’, a contemporary take on classical forms.


Exhibition Dates:

Saturday 24 January 2015 to Sunday 10 May 2015


The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum



Exhibition Contact:

01382 307200