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Managing the Antonine Wall

The UK has obligations under the World Heritage Convention in relation to the effective management of World Heritage Sites.

These require that every Site has an appropriate management structure in place.  The Antonine Wall is managed and cared for in partnership by East Dunbartonshire Council, Falkirk Council, Glasgow City Council, Historic Scotland, North Lanarkshire Council and West Dunbartonshire Council. 

The WHC also recommends the production of a Management Plan for every Site that should be regularly reviewed, evaluated, monitored and updated. Although Management Plans are not a statutory requirement in the UK, national policy encourages their use as best practice. A Management Plan is a means by which a Site can demonstrate to the United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) that it has adequate management mechanisms in place to ensure the Site’s conservation for future generations.

The first Management Plan for the Antonine Wall covered the five-year period from nomination (2007-12). It was reviewed and revised in 2013, following extensive public consultation to the consultation report and the preparation of an Environmental Assessment. 

The Management Plan 2014-19 for the Antonine Wall guides sustainable management to maintain the Outstanding Universal Value. At the end of this period it will be further reviewed in line with the International Council on Monument and Sites.

Other Strategy, Policy, and Guidance documents include: 

Supplementary Planning Guidance which has been produced and adopted by all five of the local authorities. 

An Interpretation Plan and Access Strategy that all Partners and key stakeholders can use to deliver physical and intellectual access / interpretation projects.

An Education Strategy