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Secondary Education

Secondary school pupils will benefit from a visit to one of the sites along the Antonine Wall if at all possible.

Pupils can investigate evidence in the form of physical remains of the wall, forts and ditch, and can explore the material culture of the Romans in the form of objects on display at one of the museums in the area. 

Downloadable resources and activity sheets are available to support pupils working at the following levels: Social Studies: People, past events and societies: Level 4 (S1 and S2; and Advanced Higher History (S6)

Key outcomes include:


S1 and S2 - Social studies: People, past events and societies: level 4

I have investigated a meeting of cultures in the past and can analyse the impact on the societies involved. SOC 4-05c


Having critically analysed a significant historical event, I can assess the relative importance of factors contributing to the event. SOC 4-06a 


I can assess the impact for those involved in a specific instance of the expansion of power and influence in the past. SOC 4-06d


S6 - Advanced Higher: History

Investigation of the Antonine Wall will support pupils who have selected Field of Study 1: Northern Britain: from the Iron Age to 1034