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New Publication on the Antonine Wall

Posted on: 07/04/2020

Interested in Roman Scotland? A brand new resource is now availble to you :The Antonine Wall: Papers in Honour of Professor Lawrence Keppiewith contributions by David J. Breeze, William S. Hanson, Louisa Campbell, Rebecca Jones, Patricia Weeks and many more."In this volume, nearly 40 archaeologists, historians and heritage managers present their research on the Antonine Wall in recognition of the work of Lawrence Keppie, formerly Professor of Roman History and Archaeology at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University, who spent much of his academic career recording and studying the Wall. The 32 papers cover a wide variety of aspects, embracing the environmental and prehistoric background to the Wall, its structure, planning and construction, military deployment on its line, associated artefacts and inscriptions, the logistics of its supply, as well as new insights into the study of its history." Archeopress. To get your copy visit: 

or in free pdf format